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NMTServer is a freeware dedicated http server which uses Yet Another Movie Jukebox (YAMJ)  xml  files as input. NMTServer runs on your PC and serves as a WebSerice for a Networked Media Tank (NMT) like the Popcorn Hour (PCH). The latest version (v1.28) also has a Music Jukebox, an audio file scanner to build your database and a Photo Browser build in.
The Main Program has the following features:
Music JukeBox features
On the movie detail pages you can: Requirements
  1. Unzip the NMTServer package to e.g c:\moviedb.
  2. Launch NMTServer.exe
  3. Setup YAMJ, select the YAMJ configuration file and YAMJ Libraries file.
  4. Press the Test button on the settings page to see if everythings works.
  5. If you have a custom index then just add a link which poits to your PC, e.g <a href="your.ip">NMTServer</A>
    Or if you do not have a custom index then add a WebService on the Popcorn hour using the PCH interface:
    Name1: NMTServer
    URL1: [The IP adres of your PC]
  6. Setup Music Jukebox, select your MP3 and input the NMT Path and press "scan for MP3"

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